Pediatric Neurology

At birth, the nervous system of a newborn is immature in many ways, and it continues to develop throughout adolescence until it reaches its full potential. The process of development is marked by milestones in gross motor, speech and intellectual function (thinking, learning etc.) and behavior.

If the rate of development is inappropriately slow, if it stalls, or worse yet, if the process regresses, it is imperative to find out whether it is caused by dysfunction or disease of the nervous system.

When should you visit a pediatric neurologist?

  • Sudden feeling of nausea: may occur with seizures and/or with losing consciousness. The most common form is febrile seizure in infant and toddler age.
  • Prolonged, repeated febrile seizures (complicated febrile seizures paired with abnormal neurological symptoms)
  • Epilepsy and suspicion of epilepsy
  • Significant deterioration in the child's learning ability, performance
  • Sudden change in the child’s behavior
  • Frequent headaches
  • Delay or disorder of speech and movement development

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