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Pediatric Allergy

We are able to provide comprehensive online care for consultations, medical advice, discussing test results and writing e-prescriptions. For examinations, we are able to receive patients face-to-face.

We have implemented a strict procedure at the clinic in light of the epidemic. You can find more information about this at the link below. More >>

Allergy symptoms can appear in anyone at any age. There are some forms of allergy that are age specific. In infancy, allergies present with dermatologic and digestive symptoms, in little children with asthma attacks, in older children with hay fever.

Our pediatric allergist identifies the allergens causing symptoms, uses different examinations to rule out diseases with symptoms that mimic allergies, and explores the best treatment options.

Symptoms that require an allergist:

  • Diarrhea presenting without a fever in infants
  • Rashes (hives, edema, unidentified redness), itchiness
  • Sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, itching of the nose, eyes and palate
  • Shortness of breath, breathlessness, wheezing
  • Coughing without a fever
  • Exercise, laughter-induced coughing, or coughing after meals or after playing an instrument
  • Respiratory, dermatologic or digestive symptoms after taking medicines or meals
  • Acute allergic reactions to insect stings

Examinations available in our office: 

  • Test for airborne and food allergens (skin test, laboratories)
  • Laboratory tests
  • Breath tests (lactose, lactulose, fructose)
  • Helicobacter infection screening from stool (equivalent of H2 breath test)
  • Celiac test (Biocard rapid test)
  • Peak flow (asthma screening)
  • Spirometry (asthma examination) 

Our specialist chooses the most appropriate treatment based on the results of the examinations. The most modern method of treatment is available in our office. Allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT) is able to affect the cause of allergy in addition to the symptoms. It can be performed above the age of 5 years, after performing an allergy examination and test.

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