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Comprehensive blood, urine, stool, etc. tests

We do several kinds of lab tests in our office: quick tests that give an immediate result, general blood and urine analysis tests, diagnostic analyses connected with special genetic or certain disorders. Depending on the type of test, samples take on-site are processed either in our office or in an external lab.

Special diagnostic tests

In addition to general lab tests, various quick tests and special diagnostic tests are available in our office that are done at the recommendation of a pediatrician:

Streptococcus quick test from throat swab

Using the streptococcus quick test, type A streptococcus can be detected from a throat swab in just minutes. With this test we determine whether the throat infection is caused by this bacterium, in which case antibiotics are necessary.

Influenza quick test from nasal mucous

This test identifies influenza types A and B in a few minutes. It can be used in the early stage of the illness.

Mantoux/Tuberculosis test

This test can detect a Tuberculosis infection. We inject test material into the skin, then 48-72 hours after this we check the skin’s reaction. We determine the test results based on swelling at the injection site and the size of the round, raised area.

Lactose, fructose breath test

The results of the test are given by the hydrogen concentration in exhaled breath. The H2 concentration in exhaled breath is low for healthy people. Certain sugar metabolism disorders can result in an excess of hydrogen in the intestinal system, which we can detect with the test. At the beginning of the test, the patient drinks a sweet test solution on an empty stomach, then blows into the measuring equipment at certain intervals. The test takes about 3 hours.

Celiac/gluten/flour sensitivity test

Celiac is an autoimmune disease in which the digestive system is unable to digest gluten. From a drop of blood, the test can show the presence of antibodies that confirm this disease. Results in 10 minutes.

Calprotectin test

Calprotectin is a protein that is present in white blood cells that signal inflammation, so levels rise in the case of an inflammatory bowel disease (IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease). From a stool sample, the test can determine whether or not an endoscopy is really necessary for the child, so we can avoid unnecessarily putting the child through an unpleasant endoscopic exam.

Please bring your doctor’s referral with you to the lab tests, or indicate that you do not have one at the time you make your appointment so that we can direct you to the appropriate specialist for a visit to determine together with you which tests are needed.